Proprioception … Make The Connection

One of the keys to successful golf is the ability to feel. It’s the ability to feel the club properly in your hands and to feel your swing. Proprioception simply is the ability to be consciously and unconsciously aware of the position of our body parts and to sense and respond to the body as it changes position, (body to brain / brain to body communication).

  • Proper feedback allows for coordinated, efficient and well executed motor action.
  • Top level athletes have a highly defined sense of proprioception.
  • Proprioceptive information is transmitted to the brain from receptors imbedded in skin joints, ligaments and muscles. Injury and repetitive stress to these tissues cause the receptors to function inefficiently.

When a golfer address’ the ball, they position their hands to get “the right feel”, and upon initiating the golf swing are totally dependent on proprioception to maintain the club as it was during the address.

  • Terris Golf® is the only company ever to offer products for the golfer that actually enhance proprioception by increasing the efficiency of feedback or “feel”.

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